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TBay On The Move!

Current Challenge: Sit Less, Move More: Workplace Challenge

Hey TBay and District! The Sit Less, Move More Challenge is a friendly workplace challenge that encourages city and district residents to – you guessed it – sit less and move more while at work! Reducing and breaking up sitting times is beneficial to health. Simple, low-intensity activities such as standing, walking, taking the stairs, and stretching, done intermittently throughout the day is just as beneficial to your health as structured exercise! The Sit Less, Move More Challenge will run for the entire month of October which is also Canada’s Healthy Workplace month! Sign up now to start tracking your movement!

Here are some tips to reduce your sedentary behaviour at work:

  • Set a desktop timer to remind you to move every hour
  • Plan a walking or standing meeting
  • Take an active coffee break – go for a brisk walk with coworkers instead of sitting
  • Try chair yoga or stretching exercises at your desk
  • Incorporate resistance band training or exercise ball activities at your work station
  • Actively commute to work (walk, bike etc)
  • Empty your desk garbage or recycling yourself
  • Stand when you’re on the phone or when someone enters your work space to talk to you 
  • Use the furthest bathroom
  • Park farther away from the building
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk

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